MANDALA # 39/1000 

New York

My love affair with New York.
We met when I was 18.
The bright lights caught my attention.
The music pulled me in.
I learned the secret language of this city.
Visitors can only taste the chaos.
Living here, you will swallow it whole.
Or does it swallow you?
Sometimes it’s hard to tell.
When the buildings are closing in on you.
And the people are coming from every direction.
Where does the air go?
But other times it feels safe.
As though you could never fall,
because there would be no space to land.
And your walk can feel a bit like a dance,
as you weave through the crowds.
You never know who you might meet.
Or what adventure might present itself.
But it is always something, I can promise you that.
Sometimes my heart feels split between two places.
My roots were born in Evanston.
Yet New York has made a home in my branches.
This city is my tree house,
and I am decorating it with fairy lights.


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