MANDALA # 28/1000 


I’m trying to say something.
Are you listening?

I have been screaming for forgiveness.
Can you hear me?

Cut through the noise.
All I hear is silence.

It’s remarkable the way you
think you understand me.

Have you seen the world through my eyes?
Have you experienced a touch with my skin?

It is not flattering the way you think I’m invincible.
Do you think if you cut me I won’t bleed?

It’s a dangerous game you play.
Idolizing other people.

Every person has a story.
Every perspective unique.

My growing confidence does not give you permission to test it.
Your criticism is not welcome in my heart.
So take the chip off your shoulder.
And stop with the judgment.

Embrace yourself.
So you can embrace everyone else.
Life will be what you make of it.


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