MANDALA # 25/1000 

The Strength of a Woman Pt. 3

We all fall
I know I have many times
I have been shoved to ground
I have had my feet kicked from under me
I have been pushed
I have fallen into holes I didn’t see coming
But if I am really honest
Most of the time when I fall
It is because I tripped over my own feet

Is it ever really about how we fall?
It is about how we get back up

When I look at my life
I can see I have risen many times
I am strong beyond measure
And yes I am sensitive too
It takes courage to be sensitive
And I am resourceful
I was given scraps and I made beautiful dresses
And now as I hold pennies in my hand
I know I will turn them into a fortune

So yes I have fallen many times
But I am choosing to rise with grace
Because I hold
the strength of a WOMAN


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