MANDALA # 23/1000 

The Strength of a Woman Pt. 1

Sensitive sunflower
You’re too sensitive
Sensitive heart
Strengthen yourself
Sensitive soul
You shouldn’t be telling this story
Shut your mouth
Put your head down
Toughen up little girl
But don’t make too much noise
Don’t take up too much space

But the story is changing
The story is changing

When I was a little girl
I played with dolls
I had four to be exact
Each one was a daughter
But my daughters had no father
I had no prince charming to save me
I loved them with all my heart
My love was enough
When my parents said no to new clothes
I learned to sew dresses out of my dads old t-shirts
I was the designer
I created a world for my children
And I was the hero

I didn’t need a man
I didn’t need anyone
I was enough
I built an empire for them
A powerful little girl

A dreamer
Always a dreamer

So what happened to that little girl?


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