MANDALA # 14/1000 

The Sun on You

I write it each night.
A reflection of my day.
Did you know?
Most nights your name rests on the top of my list.

I fear I don’t say it often enough.
Do you know?
How much I care for you.
The WORLD, you mean the world to me.

I have heard many times,
“The sun will shine on you,
no matter what you do.”
Always I think of you.

It will be there when you are happy.
It will be there when you are sad.
It will rise when you rise
It will rise when you rest.
It will set when you sleep.
It will set when you are awake.
It will always be there.
It will use you as a mirror to reflect its brilliance.
Only of course if you let it.

In a few rare moments in time
I was lucky to see
Your truest colors you showed me
They sparkle in the sunlight when you don’t hide.
Will you let the world finally see?
Don’t be afraid of the SUN.
EVERYONE is rooting for you.
I want to see you DANCE in the light.