MANDALA # 06/1000 

Voices Underwater

If you spoke to me underwater
I would understand.
When you screamed through the fire
I didn’t burn as I listened.
When they taped my mouth shut
You read into the silence.
When we were 13
You taught me how to throw a punch.
And to this day I roll up my sleeves
if anyone dares to cross you.
You always know the answer
before I ever have to ask the question.
For all our years
we laughed so hard we cried
and we cried so hard we laughed.
You are the one person in the world
I feel safe with to share my truth.
You showed me your soul and I showed you mine.
I trust you with the depth of the ocean.
As you have stood by me since we were 10.
And I will stand by you past the days when our
hair turns silver and the lines in our skin tell
the stories of our youth.
And even as you travel across the world there will never
be a distance between us.
You know our parallel minds will withstand it all.
You are my best friend.
Forever and always.