MANDALA # 37/1000 

Lace & Lipstick

Maybe this poem isn’t ready to be written.
Maybe my story isn’t ready to be told.
Maybe all I have ever wanted was to be a pretty girl.
Maybe you don’t always get what you want for a reason.

What if the lipstick I wear tastes like candy when you kiss me.
What if I like the way it leaves marks all over your body.
What if I dress myself in lace so you will find me sexy.
What if you only notice when it’s coming off.

Maybe I want you in this moment.
Maybe we both will regret it in the morning.
Maybe I didn’t regret it.
Maybe I wanted it again and again.

What if we rushed in too quickly.
What if you don’t respect me.
What if you forget about me.
What if you don’t.


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