MANDALA # 29/1000 

Finding Acceptance

Today is my 25th birthday! Wow. I must say honestly I am very excited about turning 25. I find aging to be the best gift. My whole life I always wanted to be older. Hoping desperately it would give me the wisdom and insight to life that I have never fully understood. And each year I have found to bring me something new. A fresh start. To become an even better version of myself.

I will leave pieces behind, the pieces I have learned from but no longer need. The desperate seeking of exterior validation, that will be left behind. The critical thoughts and self punishment, that will be left behind. The fear of judgment and criticism, well I am leaving that behind too. I know I don’t always follow the preferred path. And I know I dance outside of the box. And I know I have a sensitive heart. And that I am a flood of emotions. And that I don’t love in a timid sort of way. That I love with my whole heart in a reckless sort of way. And I know that I dance with fire and cry when I get burned. But that is just who I am. And I am not going to tone myself down. I will not dim the light. Because I am vibrant. I am VIBRANT.

It’s funny how when I stop apologizing for being myself. I enjoy life so much more. And as I turn 25 I feel the best I have ever felt. I look the best I have ever looked. My body is the strongest it has ever been. I am comfortable in my skin! Hell yeah I am comfortable in my skin. I don’t think I have ever been able to say that before and truly mean it. So yes I am excited.

And as I carry forward I have chosen a word to guide me.

ACCEPTANCE. Acceptance is my word. As this is the year that I truly accept myself. And not just myself but everyone around me. I accept all of my loved ones without any judgment or resentment. Just as they are. Just as I am.

When I see a blank piece of my paper my heart fills with butterflies of excitement. Few things bring me the level of joy a blank space contains. Because I know I can create anything. I have endless possibilities. And I can let go of my mind and allow my hands to create something

beautiful. I feel that way about my life. As though I have been given a new set of doors. All with empty rooms just waiting for me to express the desires of my heart. To bring to life all of my visions. And this excitement, this anticipation is the fire within me.

I love my fire.

I am my acceptance.

Happy birthday to me!

Let us see where this year takes me.


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